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13 Aug 2017 04:35:39 UTC
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Eden Matrix Trading - My GPL 3.0 Crypto Trading Platform
The U.S. is broken AF. The main culprit seems to be the central banking predators of the world. If we're to have any hope of lifting humanity out of the low vibration rule by fear and scarcity system we're in, we need to become our own banks. Crypto has given us a decentralized platform to build our own currencies on. This gives us an opportunity to break free of the banks and their 3 letter agencies, their manufactured wars, fake news, dupe politicians and our ever growing feeling of helplessness against them.

I've come up with a trading strategy to help folks who are new to crypto and crypto trading feel more secure getting into the market.

My vision for the Eden Matrix Trading software is to create confidence in decentralized markets in the face of central power induced fear, so that we can stop being the victims of their order out of chaos control schemes. And be our own banks.

So here's a simple breakdown of the strategy. Or atleast an example to explain:

Say you want to invest:

And the current market for a coin is:

Divide your investment into 2 so:
$500 + $500

With $500 buy @ market so:
$500/$5 = 100 coins

now set up 50 sell positions from market up to twice the market so:

Every 10 cents set 2 coins to sell so:

Sell 2 @ Each of the following positions:

2 @ $5.10
2 @ $5.20
2 @ $5.30
2 @ $5.40

10 cents apart all the way to:


So now that you have all 100 coins set to sell position:

With your other $500, set up buys every 10 cents below market to .25 of current market so:

$4.90 down to $1.25

Since below market is cheaper than at market we need to figure out what volume to buy @ each position. For that we need to sum all those positions and divide by the number of positions. A basic way to do this is to put all the positions into a spread sheet and sum them. Also, u can use the software, EdenMatrixTrading, to do the math automatically. So for our example the Sum of all below positions is $115.95 and 38 positions. 115.95/38 = 3.0513 which I'll round down to 3 for simplicity sake.

So we set up 3 volume buys 10 cents apart all the way down to $1.25 so:

3 @ $4.90
3 @ $4.80
3 @ $4.70
3 @ $1.40
3 @ $1.30
3 @ $1.25

Now when the market triggers any of your buy or sells, you reset a buy or sell at the next peg to your .10 advantage. i.e. a sell @ $5.10 would trigger a new buy position @ $5.00.

And what I like to do is to add my profits to the rebuy. So:

If I Sold 2 @ $5.10, which I bought @ $5.00. I now have $10.20, to use for a rebuy @ $5 so our new buy volume is 2.04 @ $5.00

if the market had gone down to $4.90, our 3 volume buy would trigger and then we would set a 3 volume sell @ $5. So when the market moves back to $5, we would sell 3 coins for $15 that we'd bought for $14.70. This would give us .30 cents more to add to our re-buy @ $4.90 for a new buy volume of 4.06 (rounded down)

Then rinse and repeat and that's basically it.

(Oh yeah, if you are trading on a market that charges a maker fee, then you need to account for the fee and add that into your price spread.)

I like to say that this strategy is like buying an investment appliance. Like a refrigerator, the initial matrix is a sunk cost. You don't touch that money. Let it sit there for as long as the market lives within your Matrix top and bottom. Then to take profits, what you do is you sell off the volume at your retraced prices back to your original volume. This leaves u with your original matrix.

I'm seeing consistent returns of 1% to 5% a week, sometimes a day on very volatile days.

Then after a few months, what I do is once my initial value doubles, I split off my profits into a new exchange, and a different coin pair. All in pursuit of becoming a truly anti-fragile investor. So that when say, the FBI shuts down your exchange after trading in that exchange for six months, you've already pulled out your initial investment and put it into a new exchange.

I've had 2 exchanges close on me, Cryptsy and BTC-e but my profits on Polo, GDAX and Bitfinex accounts more than covered my losses in those exchanges.

I know whales have their own potentially more profitable strategies since they can actually push a market up or down on their own. But this is a strategy for the rest of us and for folks that want to get into crypto but think they missed the boat or just don't feel they know enough about it to get in.

And all the numbers of the above example can be changed. You can do a Matrix top of 3x market and bottom of .75 or a 1.25 top and .1 bottom. Depends how conservative u want to be.

Also, you can put your retrace profits into new positions above or below your matrix if u see the market trending towards your top or bottom.

Or you can take your profits and put them into cheaper coins, so if you make 20 cents off a retrace u can put it into cheaper coins like XEM or IOTA and start building another coin pair matrix from your initial matrix profits, then once that matrix starts retracing, you have two matrixes making profits. Which I started doing on BTC-e with profits from my LTC/USD matrix built me an NMC/USD matrix.

Also, you can add what I call pillars with your profits. Which are double buys @ $1 increments so they become longer hold coins that u buy and sell on full $1 retraces.

Anyway, it's kind of like growing kombucha. A kombucha mother sub-divides every couple months. Which is about how often I'm seeing my matrix's double. And like kombucha you can start an entirely new system when it does.

Another way to think of it, is to treat your initial investment like an appliance. You wouldn't part out your fridge to buy ice to keep things cold. Just accept the initial sunk cost of building your matrix. And let it do it's thing over time.

Now me, my wife, a coding friend from college and a new friend I met in the BTC-e trollbox have been working on turning this strategy into a GPL 3.0, trading bot. Which is 98% ready. Unfortunately we wrote it for BTC-e. So rather than wait till we finished the code I wanted to share what we're working on in hopes we can get some more help coding the strategy. And just in general to get the strategy out so that there's less scared money in the crypto markets especially with the Feds running around like bloody f*cking pirates.

So if you're a coder or know a crypto loving coder that might want to help they can find the project here:

And also, I'll be starting a vlog to go along with not only the development of EdenMatrixTrading but also to talk about the state of things from a conspiratorial perspective as well as a field of positivity to defy the field of negativity that emanates from the power centers of the world right now. Seems to me the world is a big game of othello, and the negative side is winning by a landslide at least in positions of power, but as we wake up we become fields of positivity that break up the negative monopoly that's been spreading for centuries because we never had a reliable decentralized system to free us from power centers.

Here's the pilot episode of the vlog:
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